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aƒ19 ➜ multiply the sides_lp

by Powell

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second unstable assemblage of carb✻nated music from powell ☆ made available via a ƒolder ⧉ aƒ19 could be read/misunderstood as a twin to aƒ18 ↱ hence their proximity in a non-chronological catalogue ⧉

each is the same ❊ equally, each is completely different. here, outside-time rhythmic conflations captured in moments of clear sight; there, hYper-ac⊛ustic lines of flight ± aberrant synthetic entanglements ⨳

please note: trk 3, ‘☆ difference, for nik ☆’, is dedicated to Nik Powell, whose life and legacy will continue to inspire ⧉

a ƒolder is a new polyphonic outputting organism that contracts ⊹ expands, inflates ⊹ deflates, to include the carb⊛nated computer music and compositional work of Oscar Powell and the H!-sensitive film and image work of Michael Amstad and Marte Eknæs ⧉

the platform was established to proliferate more flexible and ✰ spontaneous ✰ modes of expression in a range of indeterminate formats. every ƒolder [or release] can be seen as a vessel for other things: a place where music, film, image, text ± other actual/virtual ideas are free to diverge/converge → to collect, collide and multiply according to NON-sensical rules ✰ each ƒolder is catalogued and archived non-chronologically at a ⧉

in every aspect, a ƒolder aims to make visible that which would otherwise remain invisible, and to saturate what might be seen as plain ⧉

in an inflated state, as a live physical or virtual performance, the project absorbs the real-time processing sys⨧ems and virtual multiplication of artist and researcher Mathias Gmachl ↯ farmers manual ↯ each live entanglement ⨳ functions as a multi-sensory overload, an unstable assemblage that folds and unfolds across time, actual/√irtual space and alternate planes of reference ☀︎ in this networked state, its borders remain open, even when traditional borders are closed ⤵︎

spec!al request ⇐ play/view contents 👁‍🗨 loud or quiet on ✰ hI-vis ✰

used ↪︎ ADDAC, ALM Busy Circuits, Make Noise, Fab Filter, Yamaha, Tip-Tip Audio, Russom, Synthesis Technology, GRM, PMC, Linn, Tom Oberheim, 4ms, SSL

recorded ↪︎ Powell Studio, London; The Park Studios, London []; Loop Studio, London [] 2019-2020

special thanks ↪︎ Elena Agiros, Matthew Allum, Michael Amstad, Joe Andrews, James Donadio, Marte Eknæs, Guy Featherstone, Mathias Gmachl, Jeremy Johnson, Tobin Jones, Gennaro Leone, Alessio Natalizia, Leah Powell, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jaime Williams, Oliver Vereker, Beau Wanzer


released May 13, 2020

All music by Oscar Powell
Mixed by Oscar Powell and Tobin Jones
Mastered by Russell Haswell
Published by Beggars Publishing


all rights reserved


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